About Sleep Technologist Licensure

Important Information

The State of Virginia requires licensure for all sleep technologists. All sleep technologists working in the state must be licensed by December 31, 2015.

The new Regulations Governing the Practice of Polysomnographic Technologists from the Virginia Board of Medicine are available here. These are final regulations and became effective as of December 31, 2014. Application and licensure requirements begin on Page 4 of the Regulations. The application for licensure is the Board’s website. 

When a new profession comes to the Virginia Board of Medicine for licensure, a grace period is usually granted for those already practicing to get licensed. Those folks already practicing as a Polysomnographic Technologist may continue working but should apply for licensure as soon as possible. The Board’s next meeting will be held on February 19, at which time it will determine the length of the grace period for this profession to get licensed before any disciplinary action will be instituted for unlicensed practice.



Tech Licensure FAQ sheet - created by the VASM (pdf)


PSG License Application Guide - created by the VASM (pdf)


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