Awards and Scholarship Opportunities


Katherine Florio Vorona Scholarship Program

The Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine (VASM) is pleased to announce the Katherine Florio Vorona Scholarship Program.

The scholarship is available for those with special interest in the study and advancement of sleep medicine and understanding its impact on our community and our state.

The Scholarship will include:

  • Registration to the Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Annual Conference
  • A free year of VASM membership 
  • Up to $1,000 USD in reimbursement for reasonable related costs to attend the meeting 
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the field of sleep medicine

VASM Technologist Award Recognition

The VASM is pleased to continue the VASM Technologist Award Recognition. The purpose of this award is to distinguish and recognize a VASM technologist for their exemplary service and contribution to the polysomnographic profession. 

J. Catesby Ware, PhD Physician Award Recognition

The VASM pleased to continue the J. Catesby Ware, PhD Physician Award Recognition which recognizes a VASM members’ exemplary commitment to advancing the fields of sleep research and sleep medicine in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Michael O'Neill McMunn, DDS Distinguished Service Award

In memory of Dr. McMunn for his lifelong commitment to the dental sleep medicine community, and his dedication to the VADSM & VASM annual conference.  

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